New Tokyo

The brightest and loudest of the three cities also containing the highest population would be New Tokyo. A pure technological marvel, with buildings that extent twice as high as those located in New London. The city was able to utilize the Magnetic Railway that was first implemented in New London to a higher degree connecting almost every building in New Tokyo at multiple levels.

New Tokyo is also home to the Institute of Higher Scientific Understanding where the greatest minds among all the races go and experiment on developing new Technology and Medicine. Also located in the city is the state of the art United Federation Reserve which was originally located in New London but moved here when New Tokyo was being built. The United Federation Reserve has multiple branches located throughout the three cities.

New Tokyo is the current home city for the active leadership of Mars, each administration can choose a city to govern Mars from when elected. The city also houses the largest stadium among the three cities for the Rocket Ball League Championship Games. New Tokyo is often referred to as the business capital of Mars housing more corporations than any of the other cities. More Credits exchange hands in New Tokyo in one Earth cycle than New London and New Beijing combined.

The largest of 5 race tracks officially sanctioned on Mars is located on the outskirts of New Tokyo and is also home to the Martian Grand Prix.

New Tokyo

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