New London

A fog gently settles over the old city, the sound of cars and trucks zoom by and the magnetic railway is humming all over the city. This is what life is like in New London on Mars, the automated weather system has been on the fritz all week with the Meladonians unable to find the system error. It has rained in New London every night for the past week, but this is all a diversion to mask the real issue at hand, murder.

The Mars Police Force or MPF for short has been protecting all of Mars for the past 50 years and has kept a single digit death pool since its inception. Though in the past week New London has had three ghastly murders and zero forensic evidence left behind due to the rain. The MPF have been attempting to keep order in the streets once the sun sets in New London, but everyone is scared of Jack.

While New London isn’t nearly as bright as New Tokyo or New Beijing it is the first city and largest industrial city on Mars. The pollution, dirt and grime that covers the city gives New London the closest feeling to the original city than the other two. While New London was originally built as a test city it covers more horizontal landmass than New Tokyo but less vertical and covers less horizontal landmass than New Beijing but vastly more vertical.

The Magnetic Railway that was developed in New London runs all over the city and is elevated about 50’ above ground and helps to not interfere with residential and commercial ground traffic. Due to the terraforming efforts it is physically impossible to utilize subterranean tunnels operate the Magnetic Railway underground. While subterranean tunnels do exist on Mars, the MPF has not had the time or man power to explore them.

New London

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