The year was 2015 and our telescopes witnessed an asteroid heading toward Earth, an asteroid so big it would wipe out life on Earth. Our scientist estimated that the asteroid would be here in less than 5 years, but it was moving faster than anyone could predict. It would be around this time that the Meladonians revealed themselves to the human race.

The Meladonians are in fact almost completely identical to humans, but are leaps and bounds more technologically advanced. They inform us that throughout our history they have visited our planet many times and helped us and guided us. The most important bit of information they give us would be that the asteroid is secretly a Skarraj Invasion.

The Skarraj are an insect like race that razes a planet of all life and steals all the resources for their mother planet. The Skarraj invaded the Meladonain home world and the Meladonains were forced to escape to Earth since it has the only sustainable planet in the solar system. The Meladonain offer their knowledge of technology, history, and medicine to be considered equals on Earth.

The United Nations agree to the Meladonains terms and give them a seat even though they have no official country. Plans to counter the Skarraj Invasion go into full effect, and Nasa begins using Meladonian technology to built a seed ship which they plan to use to terraform Mars. The Skarraj completely unaware of Earths knowledge of their arrival remain in suspended animation waiting for entry into the atmosphere.

It took less than three years for the Meladonains and Humans to not only built the seed ship which was designated as the Ark, but also terraformed one quarter of Mars surface and started building its first city called New London. When the Skarraj asteroid enters Earths atmosphere more than half of Mars is terraformed and a second city called New Tokyo has started to be built.

The Skarraj exited suspended animation as the asteroid entered Earths atmosphere and began their invasion. The Skarraj were not prepared for a unified front to repel their invasion and they took heavy losses but they were also able to poison the water supply and air. The Meladonians began to activate their ships that they came in and helped to evacuate as many humans as possible while the military forces continued to fight on.

When the Skarraj hive-mind released that all hopes of taking the planet was impossible they decided to crash the asteroid into Earths surface. The impact killed billions of human and Meladonian lifes, and while the death toll was insane the majority of Earth was able to escape to Mars or Space Stations orbiting Mars. There was those that decided to stay behind on Earth to attempt to save and catalog everything in shelters for when the new Ice Age would end.

A select few Humans and Meladonians decided to try and bring together the two races by mating and forming a new society on Mars together. While no one knew if producing a child would be possible or if it was the effect of Mars, but these new children born of both Human and Meladonian DNA gained abilities that neither species had, they are called Martians.

The year is 2089 and welcome to life in New London.


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